About Me


Professional photographer with over 10 years experience currently working between Santander and London.

Specialised in portrait photography, social events, landscapes, architecture, travel, and art catalogue photography.
I have shown my personal work in various exhibitions and I have taught photography to over 500 students.
Co-curated photographic exhibition of Pedro F. Palazuelos for the Museo de Arte Moderno de Santander (MAS).

2015 “Caminando” Fundación Bruno Alonso, Santander. Individual.
2014 “Retratos de Poetas” Lorenzo Oliván. Librería Gil, Santander. Collective.
2012 “Zoom, 25 años de fotografía social” Galería Zoom, Santander. Collective.
2008 “Autorretratos” Galería Zoom, Santander. Collective.

How to contact me:


  • +34 665 923 191 / +44 (0) 7403864557

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